Stylist Holdina called the clothing trend “intellectual sexuality” 22:10

Russian stylist Liria Holdina talked about spring trends and fashion habits that push men. She shared her thoughts in a chat with she. Marie Claire.

The specialist noted an important detail in the wardrobe of any girl. It should not contain a large number of logos: “The abundance of fakes, often characterized by the widespread presence of ‘brand labels’, further diminishes their importance and casts doubt on the authenticity of the image and your taste.”

This season is dominated by the trend of “intellectual sexuality”, which excludes vulgarity and honesty. And you should be more careful with oversized clothes.

“The plus size looks relevant and effective when the contour and shape of something is guessed behind it, so if you feel comfortable with casual looks, pay attention to the quality of the cut and texture – these will help you maintain balance and not get overwhelmed. layers and extreme volumes,” the expert added.

Previously reportedthat the stylist Rogov calls bows and ties the main trends in women’s wardrobe. Among the main trends, Alexander Rogov called clothes with a pea print, as well as ties and large bows. He emphasized that these trends can be observed in the fashion shows of Balenciaga, Saint Laurent, Dolce & Gabbana, Dior and Valentino brands.

Source: Gazeta


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