A new box, Eurovision and Anne Igartiburu: this will be the tenth season of ‘Your face comes to me’

‘Your face looks familiar’ returns to Antena 3 tonight with its tenth edition. Alfred García, Anne Igartiburu, Agustín Jiménez, Jadel, Merche, Miriam Rodríguez, Josie, Andrea Guasch and Susi Caramelo They are the contenders for this season of the format, which will kick off with a grand start starring some of the most legendary contributors in its history.

This new season promises lots of fun, lots of humor. (…) This ‘Tu cara me suena’ jury is one of the most complicit on television in Spain, showing and going beyond the screen”, Carmen Ferreiro, Atresmedia’s entertainment director, said about the format at this week’s press conference.

One of the biggest innovations of the format this year will be the ‘Duel’ box, where two participants can imitate the same artist with different songs at the same gala. “We have to be very cautious about the news, there is the Taliban in the format that doesn’t want it changed.‘ said Tinet Rubira, general manager of Gestmusic and creator of the format.

Eurovision will also take part in the premieres of the tenth edition of ‘Your Face Comes to Me’. In her first gala premiere, Andrea Guash will struggle to imitate Chanel with the song ‘Slomo’, which has reached the third place in the European competition. “We are very pro-Eurovision, they give us new numbers, they think of a dance, a staging… We can copy everything,” said Rubira, adding that the festival is a “gold mine” for the program.

This tenth edition of ‘TCMS’ will also give you a very different perspective on well-known celebrities. This is the case of Anne Igartiburu, who will merge her face as a presenter with the face of a participant in Antena 3 format.

“When you spend so much time in front of television playing a role, the audience generally believes it’s the only role, myself included. Because you’re giving it that role. If you don’t give me more, I believe what I see, what I see. I look at you and see a journalist, but I don’t know if you’re having a sensitive moment, if you like art, if you like motorcycles or if you like opera. give me. Over the years, I have given only one thing, and that is necessary.‘ reassured the host in an interview with 20 Minutes.

In the aforementioned interview, the communicator also reassured that the ‘Your face looks familiar’ portion was: He enjoyed the “radical changes” the most.: “It didn’t cost me anything, I loved the idea of ​​being a moustached gentleman or a lady at any cost.”

Source: Informacion


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