Stylist Kartsev explains why Russian brands “can’t cope as a business” 20:38

Russian stylist Gosha Kartsev talked about what will happen to Russian brands after foreign stores leave. He discussed this in an interview “”.

In a new interview, Gosha Kartsev spoke about the situation in the Russian market. According to him, after the departure of foreign stores in Russia there are many new domestic brands, but he sees no prospects for their development.

“Despite all my love for domestic brands, it is not yet possible to replace imports. They are still afraid to give something original or conceptual, ”the expert added.

He also said “everybody has opened stores but most won’t cope”.

“Everywhere they sell exactly the same thing: trench coats, suits, something simple. Everyone has the same images and the same TikTok. It’s also unrealistic to buy a quality white t-shirt for the price of Uniqlo or H&M. In 12 Storeez it costs 5600 rubles! I was surprised, ”Kartsev concluded.

Previously reportedstylist Gosha Kartsev compared Sharon Stone with Nikolai Baskov. Alexander Rogov and Gosha Kartsev remembered the brightest appearances of stars last year. In particular, stylists debated about the Sharon Stone outfit, which she “walked” at the International Red Sea Film Festival, held in Jeddah (Saudi Arabia) in December this year.

Source: Gazeta


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