Beautician Panchenko explained why children’s cream is dangerous for mature skin 22:24

Beautician Olesya Panchenko told how baby cream affects the skin condition. She mentioned this in a comment on the broadcast. “Moscow region today”.

The specialist explained that the baby cream is not suitable for dry mature skin, including powder that clogs the pores.

“Adult, often dry skin, will make it even drier. And if your skin tends to be oily, the cream won’t suit your texture, it can clog pores and cause inflammation. Baby powder can also cause acne and comedones. It also clogs the pores on the face and is definitely not suitable as a matte powder,” said the expert.

Previously reportedcosmetologist Schlega explained what to do so that the face does not look tired. Effective for facial skin and manual massage. Relieves muscle hypertonicity, improves blood circulation and lymph flow. Gouache self-massage and hijama massage are also suitable for this. The main thing is to learn how to do them correctly so that there is an effect and the skin is not overstressed.

Source: Gazeta


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