Confirmed – in Russia they will not show “Spider-Man: No Way Home” and “King’s Man: The Beginning” in the “Figure”

Foreign film studios have suspended licenses for new films to Russian online cinemas. The list included Kinopoisk, Wink. In ivi and Okko, and possibly Amediateka too.

Kinopoisk noted that already released content will remain available, but other projects will not appear yet. This applies, for example, to the digital releases of Spider-Man: No Way Home, King’s Man Begins and Nightmare Alley. They have been postponed indefinitely.

At the same time, Telecom Daily CEO Denis Kuskov said this would rob the services of some of its revenue, but not have much impact on its overall financial performance.

Note that previously Walt Disney, Warner Bros., Sony Pictures, Universal Pictures, and Paramount announced the suspension of distribution of their films in Russia. The speedrunner ran through the first Dark Souls, killing bosses with shit

Source: VG Times


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