Ashley Greene Reveals What The Twilight Cast Are Conversing About 11 Years After Filming 03/02/2023, 23:32

The star of the movie “Twilight” Ashley Greene told how the communication of the cult epic took place several years after the end of filming. She said this in an interview TO! news.

Ashley Greene, who plays Alice Cullen in Twilight, revealed that the cast of the films are still in touch after a while.

“It’s no wonder there. There’s a lot of talk about getting together. We all try to see each other when we get back to L.A. to meet all the guys. In some ways, it’s great to see this next phase of our lives,” said Ashlyn Green.

The actor also added that the culinary masterpieces of actor Peter Facinelli occupy a central place in correspondence.

“Peter’s food is at the center of the conversation because he’s Italian,” the actress concluded.

Previously reported“Twilight” star Ashley Greene, 35, has appeared in public for the first time since her birth.

Source: Gazeta


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