Keyla shows off her transphobia at ‘Temptations’ premiere: ‘You’re born man, you’re going to die’

His return to Telecinco with the sixth edition of ‘Island of Attraction’ was marred by a new episode of hate on social networks. Keyla, one of this season’s singles, denounced the transphobic comments she received after becoming the first transgender woman in Spain’s reality show history in a TikTok video: “For the first and last time I’ll get excited“.

“I’ll add photos of the softest ones, because if I put the really strong ones, TikTok takes away my video,” said the format contributor for this post. By making hateful comments like, “Keyla is coming with a gift, right?”, “You’re born man, you’re going to die man” or “He has a longer tail than a bull… and I know what I’m talking about”. about” or “Your groin is injured? Damn progressives”among others.

Keyla admits that these transphobic words hurt her in some way: “I have feelings and I don’t think anyone in this life likes to be insulted or uttered that kind of barbarism. Then I thought coldly and I realize that this is the end. Unhappy people with super simple lives who have nothing to do but hide behind the screen. say those kinds of things to me and I’ve gotten away from them.”

“This video is to tell them unconscious people that they’re dedicating their time to insulting me, that you could make those kinds of comments to someone who isn’t mentally strong and literally ruin their life,” Keyla later explained.

Telecinco real single too condemned the “hypocrisy” of the people She said she was upset at the news of “boys and girls who committed suicide as a result of bullying” and that they “hiding behind a cover to insult people like me”, adding, “I am psychologically very strong right now, I can do it” with all of you because I get everything I want and I don’t care but I also get insulted. And I was that girl who wanted to take that away from me for so many moments of her life.”

“Every time you insult or try to regiment someone thinks it’s just a comment, not just a joke, his condition, his orientation, his skin color, whatever,” Kelya concluded.

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