The secret weapon of the Pasapalabra donut comes to light

Tension, nerves and close attention. This is how you should see the Pasapalabra donut, as this is a crucial moment where the contestants have to concentrate very, very hard to find the right term. And not for the less as there is so much money at stake right now andThe jackpot is very close to reaching two million euros.

In both the donut and the blue chair, the moment the contestants take the risk of entering the day’s show, linguistics It is fundamental and very important.

How does Pasapalabra control this important part of the program? Well, he explains, with a person who was with the control manager “to determine if their answer was correct.” Lucía Sesma, head of linguistics in Pasapalabra. What if they’re not sure if an answer is correct? “We pause for a moment, verify it, and say if it’s true,” he explains.

Lucia Sesma, Pasapalabra linguist ANTENNA 3

In an interview on the program’s website, Sesma explains that it was the script team that wrote the tests and the donuts, but that she was the person responsible for reviewing everything. “everything is linguistically good, balanced”.

“Things you didn’t think they could do surprise you,” said the linguist who had 600 programs in charge of this responsibility in September. “There’s a lot of intuition to know what they might respond to and what they might not,” he adds.

RAE and María Moliner as sources

“RAE and María Moliner manage the dictionary, they are our resources”, It brings up Sesma to answer one of the most frequently asked questions from viewers and explains how to decide whether an answer is correct”. “It’s true that other words are said in speech with other uses, but we need to define it somehow,” he says.

When asked if there are any contestants on these shows that particularly surprised her, Sesma gives two names: Pablo Diaz and Rafa Castano. Although he wanted to make it clear later that the level of the contestants was very high, “one and the other always have some special abilities in one part of the dictionary or the other.”

Sesma advises future Pasapalabra contestants to pay attention to the world around them, be curious, read the names and authors of the pictures, and read the dictionary in order to be successful in the competition.

Source: Informacion


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