‘Manticora’: Carlos Vermut, always uncomfortable, disturbing

Address: carlos vermouth

artists: Nacho Sanchez, Zoe Stein, Catalina Sopelana

Premiere: December 9, 2022

theme manticore It looks obvious, but in the cinema carlos vermouth what’s interesting is the unease, non-one-sided characters that are often hidden in the corners of the story, seeping out from the most unexpected places. This is the case with ‘Diamond Flash’, ‘Who will sing to you’ and above all his most complete movie ‘The Magic Girl’.

near this “manticore”, perhaps even more ambitious, not so much in style, at least in plot. It is a complex and problematic film because what it talks about is always problematic, especially when it comes to depictions of a turbulent geography if there are no theses or moral stances involved. Again, there is the theme of ‘the plot of the movie’, but above all there are many contradictions centered around a dark past and a young and prestigious video game designer that is brilliantly put forward (Naco Sanchez) facing emotional isolation as well as fighting against their weaknesses.

It’s very interesting how Vermut’s movies are about the hope that emerges in his relationship with the girl he plays. zoe stein, to face the inconvenience immediately. This would probably be the best qualifier for the disturbing movie ‘Manticore’, but it will also fall short. It causes discomfort, restlessness, restlessness and frustration. But it’s not a provocative movie. That’s not the way to make vermouth movies. There are brutal power sequences – intercom conversation, for example – and a specular ending that leaves us in the dark once again.

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