Paloma’s heartbreaking statement about the Lorca earthquake: “We were away from home for five months”

On First Dates, people go out in search of love. During the duration of the date, the two strangers have to try to find out if they have it. feeling With the person next to you. You never know, first impressions may not be reliable… or yes. It’s complicated, but the best way to get to know each other is by talking, chatting, and introducing yourself.

this is what they do José Antonio and Pigeon. The date started off well, they’re both from Murcia and that allowed them to have a few things in common. He is a delivery man and a farmer and he explained to his date that he loves the countryside and wants to find a girl from Murcia who loves this lifestyle, she said. She describes herself as a romantic and thoughtful person, and she is looking for a woman who enjoys the countryside.

On the other hand, it looks more urban. Paloma is a dentist who was born in Lorca but now lives in Madrid. She had loved him from the start but Murcian didn’t seem to feel the same when she saw him.

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José Antonio said that his father was repairing the buildings damaged in the Lorca earthquake and he did not hesitate to tell him this. His personal experience with the earthquake that occurred in Murcian city in 2011.

“We were away from my home for five months because a pillar in the building broke,” says Paloma, who is not afraid to confirm this. “I was very lucky, we were all lucky in my family, but there were also those who were not”. José Antonio listens intently and shakes his head.

“We had a glass table and a shelf with books on it, and suddenly everything started falling on him with a tremor. Imagine waking my mother and me with a loud noise,” Paloma continued. “It was five seconds and she didn’t seem to stop,” she added.

“We went down the street and everybody had bags, dilapidated cars, lots of houses with cracks,” says Paloma, who was 13 at the time. “i wanted to explore and I went with a friend and I remember meeting another friend at the place. We were on our way to Lorca’s old quarter and a lot of things started to fall apart there. I don’t know what would have happened if I hadn’t met my friend”.

A shocking testimony. But this very pleasant date did not serve to leave the couple together from the program.

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