Dermatologist Suvorina warns against applying cream before going out 18:25

It is strongly not recommended to apply moisturizers just before leaving the house. Elizaveta Suvorina, a dermatologist at the medical online service SberHealth, told about this.

“It is advisable to choose creams based on glycerin, oils and beeswax – they are most effective in protecting the skin. However, they contain a lot of water, so applying them before going for a walk is like going out into the fresh air with wet hands, ”explained Elizaveta Suvorina.

He pointed out that when applying moisturizers before going outside, “the protective skin barrier will be the most sensitive and sensitive to all external factors, even to the slightest breeze.”

“It is recommended to use a moisturizer 20-30 minutes before going out. The agent should be completely absorbed, only after that its direct effect will begin, ”explained the dermatologist.

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Source: Gazeta


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