Al Pacino to release memoirs for Penguin

Al Pacino82 years old, Penguin signed a deal with Random House to write his memoirs, which was published exclusively by ‘Page Six’ on Wednesday.‘.

Details of the deal between the publishing giant and the Hollywood star have not been disclosed at this time, but a source told the aforementioned news portal that the actor’s book will continue. The same Penguin team behind Will Smith’s 2021 memoir book ‘Will’ by Mark Manson and they are among the best sellers.

The success of Pacino’s biography, The first memoirs of the hero of ‘The Godfather’ have been published.

However, the translator was already published in 2006, ‘Al Pacino: In Conversation With Lawrence Grobel’ is a series of conversations spanning more than 25 years between the famous actor and the well-known journalist and famous biographer. Ava Gardner also wrote several copies of her conversations with Truman Capote and Robert Evans.

In addition to his quirky life and prolific career in New York, the book will certainly include stories about how he acted in acclaimed classics like ‘The Godfather’ trilogy, ‘Serpico’, ‘Heat’, ‘The Price of Power’. ‘Trapped by her Past’, ‘The Essence of a Woman’, ‘Donnie Brasco’, ‘Ocean’s Thirteen’ ‘The Irishman’ and much more.

Al Pacino, who has a daughter, never married. but Jill Clayburgh, Diane Keaton, Penelope Ann Miller, and Argentine actress Lucila Solá are romantically linked to Camilla Morrone’s mother… She’s recently been dating a much younger girlfriend, Noor Alfallah.

Source: Informacion


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