A dump truck, a truck tractor and something else – you have certainly not seen a GAZ-69!

The creation of this model at GAZ began immediately after the Great Patriotic War – the first running prototype was tested in 1947. We can say that this machine has taken all the experience gained during the war years by domestic developers of light military equipment. For state acceptance, five different prototypes of the “sixty-ninth” were created, which were literally disassembled to the bottom … He entered the GAZ-69 series in 1953.

And until the appearance in the early 1970s of the more modern UAZ-469 (and in fact – much longer), the GAZ-69 was indispensable both in the military and in civilian life. Every man born in the USSR knows this car. Or not?

The basic version of an SUV with a soft top and two options for the rear of the cabin (side benches on the GAZ-69 and a more comfortable “sofa” on the GAZ-69A) is known to many firsthand. Have you ever been acquainted with … UAZ-455, a compact dump truck with a payload of 500 kg and with a hydraulic drive of the loading mechanism?

Or UAZ-456, a truck tractor based on a “goat”? Such a tractor included a semi-trailer – flatbed trailer, refrigerator and or even a timber truck! The “sixty-ninth” had modifications for public utilities, impressive roadtrains and even hardtop versions were encountered … Of course we are talking about small series or even single copies, but it is all the more interesting to imagine how diverse it was (or would it could be?) automotive “palette” of those years …

  • And here’s the story of the “relative” GAZ-69: these SUVs could also become legendary, but something went wrong…
  • “Behind the wheel” can be read in Odnoklassniki.

Video: Youtube / Automotive Russia.

Source: Z R


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