50% of young people over 18 have already applied for the Cultural Bonus

Half of young people turning 18 this year—252,226 out of a total of half a million—have already applied. Youth Culture Bonus, 400 euro wallet card He said that they can consume in 4,682 companies and organizations that have started the adhesion process so far.

As the Ministry of Culture reported to Efe, little more than a month until the end of this registration period (will be October 15)has 252,226 young people currently enrolledAlthough still a tentative figure, these files need to be processed by Culture before aid can be given the green light.

In addition, according to Culture, 4,682 companies and organizations that will offer their products so far have started the process of participating in the bonus; an obvious term in this case.

To make it accessible to anyone who meets the requirements, the ministry will launch a special corporate ad campaign at the end of the month to “encourage” young people to participate and will also keep in mind that October 15 is the deadline for registration.

Requirements to be met to access the Youth Culture Bonus include: Those who turn 18 in 2022Between 1 January and 31 December, i.e. before 15 October, even if they did not turn 18, they must claim before this date.

Before starting the coupon request process (which will be distributed in physical and digital format), you must register with a digital certificate https://www.sede.fnmt.gob.es/certificados; The “cl@ve” authentication system may also be requested.

After receiving this digital ID, www.bonoculturajoven.gob.esthe website where this cultural universe opens where you can choose the products you want to consume for a year (since the request has been accepted), because this coupon can only be used for 365 days when they reach the age of 18. years old.

Specifically, this card has the following distribution: 100 Euros for physical products (books, press or records, among others), 100 Euros for digital products (digital press, podcasts, online video games or audiovisual content platforms) and 200 Euros for performing arts (theatre, opera, cinema, dance or museums).

In addition, some public cultural institutions such as Inaem offer subscription and ticket access to those born in 2004 as a supplement of 50% of purchase.

When it comes to physical products, young people who don’t live near their desired business and whose only way to access them is to buy online shipping costs are not included in this wallet card. Y Purchases made from online sales platforms such as Amazon are also not included..

With more than half of the applications being reviewed, cash cards will begin to reach users in September.

Yes, the web that manages requests is suffering from some overload that causes it to “hang”, as Culture Minister Miquel Iceta admitted a few days ago. However, it is anything but punctual due to the large number of requests being managed.

“I think people understand very well that this is the first time we’ve done this and that in a few years the mechanism will become more rounded,” said Iceta of this check, which was born with the intention of continuing in the coming years.

Source: Informacion


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