Air Moldova airline stops selling tickets to Moscow after authorities ban

Air Moldova airline has stopped selling tickets for flights to Moscow due to the ban imposed by the Civil Aviation Authority. About DEA News” said company representative Yana Zidu.

“The Regional State Administration has issued an operational directive prohibiting national operators from flying in the airspace of the Russian Federation. Thus, Air Moldova will not be able to operate the previously announced flights on the Chisinau-Moscow route announced as of October 1. “The sale of air tickets to Moscow has been stopped,” he said.

Zidou noted that passengers should write to e-mail address for the refund of already purchased tickets. In addition, Air Moldova stressed that they reserve their right to go to court.

“The airline will contact the Regional State Administration to resolve the situation regarding the documents referred to in this Directive. If this problem is not resolved with the Civil Aviation Authority, we reserve the right to go to court.”

Moldova closed its airspace a day after the start of Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine.

Earlier, former president of Moldova Igor Dodon, the republic’s joined Against anti-Russian sanctions by banning flights to Moscow. According to Dodon, this decision of Chisinau creates additional difficulties for the citizens of the country who only want to return to the country.

Source: Gazeta


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