The valley did not respond to Galkin’s words about “crumbs from the master’s table.”

Singer Larisa Dolina in an interview He refused to comment on the caustic statement directed at him by parodist Maxim Galkin.

“Let’s not talk about it,” he said.

Previously Galkin mocked Dolina and her colleague Nadezhda Babkina during her speech in Latvia. The artist later said that the singers “wanted to get some crumbs to be noticed from the master’s table, but did not see Babkina or the Valley.”

At the same time, Dolina said that the process of creating the Russian Music Association, which the singer announced in May, together with Babkina and other artists, is currently underway. The artist admitted that it was a “gloomy story”.

“We are currently working on documents. This is a boring story. Papers, papers, papers… But there are many plans, so we will keep you informed.”

Source: Gazeta


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