C. It is forbidden to see Tangana from a yacht in Vigo

This Wednesday, the second safety meeting of the Xacobeo 21-22 concerts taking place at the port site took place. All the participating administrations, the organizers of the concerts and representatives of the different security forces were present there: Representatives of the National Police, Local Police, Civil Guard, Firefighters, Maritime Captaincy, Marine Rescue and Safety Association (SASEMAR) and the Galician Emergency Agency (AXEGA 112).

One of the measures taken to ensure safety while these shows are being held is focusing on the sea, and especially the boats that want to get closer to the concert venue, to be able to enjoy it somehow. And they cannot stay anchored less than 150 meters from the cliff. Port of Vigo Transatlantic Dock during music appointments Jacob 21-22.

According to the Port Authority, the purpose of this measure is to prevent the accumulation of boats and possible accidents. Like this Civil Guard Naval Services He will be in charge of control missions and punish the criminals.

This Wednesday was the second meeting of this nature, the purpose of which was to guarantee the correct development of events taking place in the port area.

The first of these great events was the O Marisquiño festival held last weekend. “With participant registration and perfect compliance with the rules”as told by Port Authority Vigo in a statement.

Next Friday, August 19 and Saturday, August 20, Transatlantic Pier welcomes you Latitudes Festival and C.Tangana, which is expected with a large crowd three days later, will take the stage at the same venue.

At the meeting on Wednesday, access managementSpecial corridors will be created to speed up queues, speed up emergency exits and security corridors. environmental surveillance To do this by different security forces to avoid crowds and fights a special device.

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