A work under production on the Teatro Principal stage

Collectors Theater company from Alicante to perform At the Director on September 30 This work, which gives an idea only with its title, sounding weird comedy especially those who work in the performing arts to extras or runners-ups in squadsto talk of its instability and prestige Through three characters who decide to put together their own musical to become the protagonist of what they believe will be their last chance.

When they submit the proposal, their work Mark Montagud with address Ivan JimenezThe text is summarized and open to combining their own experiences your heroesMila Garcia, Dolores Faraco and Diego Juan– something the jury values ​​and agreed upon at their first meeting in May, when each member shared their experiences and the young 23-year-old writer finished the widely accepted text.

“Starting from scratch is complicated until you get into the game, but We improvised a lot with the characters and it’s crazy work.”It shows Dolores pointing to Mila. talking about things not seen in shows and what should never happen in a main rehearsal, but sometimes happens” and It could be “bullshit”. “It’s like preparing a wedding: if you have a lot of money everything can be perfect, otherwise the music will fail, the photographer, Zara suits are repeated among the guests and everything is full of flaws. the ending is the most fun”, explains the actor, Diego concludes: “People will see themselves reflected because they are talking about life, not theater” After stating three that it is necessary for “A blank exposure and jumping into the pool”, the viewer “will not know what is real and what has been invented, but will believe it”.

Marcos Montagud, Susana Martínez, Dolores Faraco, Diego Juan, Mila García and Iván Jiménez HECTOR SOURCES

Now, the business has collected 50 percent and they summarized the choreographies yesterday with the help of Susana Martínez, the vocal and movement consultant came from Scotland to teach the characters to dance and sing, a musical that we mustn’t forget – each with its own characteristics. The songs are original, written by Montagud and music by Carlos López.

“The rhythm is crazy and the three of them are making a musical in an hour and ten minutes alone.. It’s a show of risk, because the three of them play one last card in the story, but it’s a very agile and very lively work,” says director Iván Jiménez, emphasizing what happens to these three characters. “It is predictable to the rest of the population, and what the study seeks is dignity in anonymity. People will see themselves as more identified with them than Rafa Nadal or Penelope Cruz because there are no stars here.”

The author emphasizes the contrast of creating a work that is also musical. a genre that is “a tribute to the lust and scales they face in their daily lives.”

The company will suspend rehearsals at the Director for a few days and will return at the end of the month until its premiere at the Alacant a Escena exhibition on September 30. comedy from start to finish but nothing superficial, there’s a lot of depth to the characters,” add Jiménez and Montagud. “If what we propose removes a reflection on success and failure, the better.”

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