Norwegian Jakob Ingebrigsten, reigning world champion in Eugene, reaffirmed the continental crown in Berlin four years ago in Munich. 5,000 meterswhich Spanish Mohammed Katir placed second and took the silver medal.

Katir (12:50.79) and Ingebrigsten (12:48.45), two athletes who set accredited records in less than thirteen minutes, did not disappoint with their rivalry, which witnessed excellent attendance at the Munich Olympic Stadium. one of the most anticipated races your championship.

The race started with Ingebrigsten leading, but at the end of the second lap, fellow countryman Narve Gilje Nordas took the lead. about four hundred meters Until it was taken over by the band, which entrusted itself to the rhythm that the Englishman Andrew Butchart wanted to set.

A French Hugo Fray crash with four laps left destabilized the race. Italy’s Yemaneberhan Crippa started shooting for first place and past the last eight hundred metres, a move that Ingebrigsten didn’t like, by passing into the second lane by Katir and Adel Mechaal.

Katir’s confidence took Ingebrigsten to the max in the final lap. It was impossible to follow the gear change as the Norwegian player hit the last corner. For the Murcian runner who reached the finish line exhausted.

In Munich, Ingebrigsten won with a fully segregated stadium in 13:21.13, beating Katir (13:22.98) in second and Crippa (13:24.83) in third.