David Bisbal: “If you don’t flap your wings hard, you’ll be back on the ground”

David Bisbal, corresponding to his 20 years in music, end of the year full of projectsWhat a new studio album As Efe confirms, it will see the light in 2022 and a great concert to take place in your hometownAlmería with all the enthusiasm and dedication of those who left a mark.

“Joining a music show doesn’t guarantee you a lifetime music career. As a coach in this type of competition, the first thing I say to the artists involved is whether you win them or not, because that’s what you have to do. striving to win in lifebecause if you don’t flap your wings hard, you’ll be back on the ground,” he said in an interview in Madrid this Thursday.

He was at the Teatro Real, the classical music temple he had never dreamed of playing and had visited before. six times as the protagonistAlthough his next big show on November 22 will bring him much closer to where his musical aspirations began.

“I left my land 20 years ago to fulfill a dream. The idea is to go back now to continue the dream and do it in a place that has always been in my heart.Estadio de los Juegos del Mediterráneo, where my team plays, is in front of UD Almería and my fans, my family and friends, all the people who accompany me,” he explains.

It’s early to reveal the names, but it also confirms that. there will be guests. “I would like to have colleagues with whom I have worked for all these years,” Bisbal warns (Almería, 1979).

Probably will be at a concert “Because it will be a party, it will exceed the normal time” and for sending all the songs included as singles in these two decades albums to the first album by a national artist from the last ‘Entusplanes’ (2020) which was the best seller in Spain of that year. ‘Corazón Latino’ (2002), with ‘Ave María’ first previewed.

“It has become a classic. I see very young people and even children saying this. It’s a song for weddings, parties and happiness, and I love to have something of those qualities”, the owner proudly assures in the repertoire of other songs such as ‘Buleria’, ‘Lloraré las sorrows’ or ‘Hey boom’, which combines Latin influences with Andalusian roots.

Rosalia’s idol

Since the historic first edition of the ‘Operación Triunfo’ left the Academy, the student has become the benchmark for other young artists, although he does not take the matter seriously.

“Sometimes people call me a teacher. I don’t like it because there is always something to learn. I still see myself as an apprentice,” Almerian says, adding that one of the biggest mistakes he made at some point in his career was “to relax and trust that everything could be in the hands of the team.” “No, you have to be aware of everything”insists.

Among those quoting him as a teen idol Rosalia, exactly at the opening of his current “Motomami World Tour” in Almería, he said that he remembers when he first went on vacation to that city as a kid, thinking he was just walking the streets of David Bisbal.

“I’m so happy that he remembers me. I know his family loves me very much. I am very happy to represent us in other countries.because you can see it’s a coconut and great music,” she emphasizes.

At another point in the interview this Thursday, he regrets that “recording songs with instruments in the studio seems like a luxury” and is a big proponent of the musicians’ role, as he started out as a member of the Orquesta Expresiones. From ‘Saoko’ she offers her support in the debate over whether a concert featuring almost all canned music is a real concert.

Every artist makes his music as he thinks. He didn’t choose the musicians anyway, but he chose a show with how many dancers, some great visuals… I fall down when I see it. i think he is a great artist‘ he insists.

He may arrive in Almería with his eighth album under his arm, which he has confirmed will be released before the end of 2022, and its previews have already been heard. ‘You’re giving me away’ anyone ‘come back, come back’, With Danna Paola.

And then, an even brighter 2023. “I hope it will be a very important year, because it will be the touring year of that new album that I will play in Spain and come back to. Latin Americato wait.

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