Zamora opens journalism museum

this Memory Museum Guards It’s already a fact. located in the building. VISIT-ZAMORA MAIL, Although it has an entrance from an alley, the newspaper belonging to the same group as this media (mercy or Sor Ignacia Idoate), instead of Rúa de los Francos, the Museum is open every day this week. 19:00 – 21:30, and 1 August On Friday, Saturday and Sunday, between 19:00 – 21:30.

this openingwith the participation of all kinds of representatives institutions and the Zamorano business texture scheduled for 12:30 p.m. Tuesday. Not long ago, they concentrated at the door. GuestsAdopted by the president of the Iberian Press Group, Xavier Mol, Delegate of the Northwest region, Isidore NiciezaDirector of LA OPINÓN-EL CORREO DE ZAMORA, carlos zardain, director, Marisol López and editor-in-chief begonia galacheIn addition to the marketing director, Anthony Vega.

all gathered for family photo On the front of LA OPINÓN-EL CORREO on Rúa de los Francos: Minister of the Presidency, Jesus Julio Carnerofamily counselor, Elizabeth WhiteCouncil delegate in Zamora, Clara San Damian, head of council Francisco Jose Requejo Head of Corporate Affairs at Iberdrola, Ignacio Antolindiocesan bishop, Ferdinand Valera, Francisco Jose Cuadrado Santos Representative of the rector of Salamanca, Henry Rivero Treasury advisor at Zamora, Diego Bernardo On behalf of the Zamora City Council, general manager of Caja Rural, Cipriano Garcia, Ignacio QuintanillaGaza Milk, José Maria EsbecFrom CEOE-Cepyme, Enrique OliveiraPresident of the Chamber of Commerce, deputy military commander in Zamora, Vincent Gonzalezproxy Elvira Velasco anyone Juan José Diaz Cobadu, among others.

Shortly after, when the environment turned the corner to enter the exhibition, other people joined in, such as the Nursing director. Maria José Fermoso mayor of Benavente, Luciano Huerga and that of Puebla de Sanabria, José Fernandez Blanco

Opening of the “Museum of the Guardians of Memory” at the headquarters of LA OPINÓN-EL CORREO DE ZAMORA. JOSE LUIS FERNANDEZ

A ramp Disabled access is allowed to the Museum of the Guardians of Memory, announced by a big announcement on Misericordia Street. sign at the entrance. On the left, a photograph of some young people Javier Moll and his wife Arantza Sarasola pressing the start button on rotary ZAMORA’S VIEW IN MARCH 1990seed of the title joining El Correo shortly after, the second born in the year 1897.

One time Guests entered the exhibition area, it’s time speeches. newspaper editor, Marisol Lopez He was tasked with introducing the action with welcome words and giving word to successive speakers: Javier MollJesús Julio Carnero, Francisco José Requejo, Ignacio Antolín and Isabel Blanco. At the end of the architect Francis Somoza, curator of the exhibition, which was enlarged and turned into a museum keys He said that for a visit he recommends, one should stay calm behind every photo and every cover episode. Zamora’s history reinforced with machines and trading tools.

The exhibition ends with an audio-visual mural of two projections. video mapping Matching the images in Zamora’s silhouette, “skyline”. Assembly Cynthia Gonzalez D’Agostino Y Eduardo Vicente Movillawith location Patri Alonso and Edu Jerez music Alexander Gonzalezand cooperation Fernando Alarcón, Inés Vila and Darío Manzano. It is a story in parallel images. evolution From 1897 until the latest events, the newspaper and the city Pandemic and special sections migration. A summary of “Guardians of Memory”.

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