Sara Baras begins performances of Magical Nights in Sant Joan on Thursday

The Magic Nights Festival starts this week in Alicante. eight shows opening bailaora this thursday Sarah Baras. enclosure April Gardens in Sant Joan d’Alacant welcomes, From 28 July to 7 Augusta new edition of the special festival with major concerts, gastronomy, live art, exhibitions and an artisan market, among others, ten years of this history with music in summer.

Some performances are already hanging posters. sold outLike the opening show of Sara Baras, the Cádiz-born dancer and choreographer presenting the flamenco and bolero show Spiritfollowed by the band’s concert morgan most 29 JulyA group from Madrid who bathed in rock, funk and soul with their own style, conquered the Spanish scene and came on tour. River Tour. after this group male take action 30 daysit also sold out forty years after its blockbuster debut in the ’80s and Andres Calamaro, 31st dayHe will review his greatest hits, accompanied by his entire band.

It’s time in August We Love the Queen by Yllana, on July 4, then Galician musician Ivan Ferreiro, august 5thwith VIP tickets sold out. Complete with concerts Ana Torroja, on her 6th, and

Alba Molina on August 7th.

The open-air complex of the Jardines de Abril, local craftsmen and artists, as well as the concept of living art through the living creation of his works. Exhibition and live art proposal, featuring more than a dozen artists throughout the exhibition, Magic Nights Marcos Automotive.

It is possible to walk around, listen to live music and shop in Jardines de Abril since its opening. local artisan productshave fun with performances and exhibitions and have dinner or drink before or after the concert.

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