Javier Moll justifies local journalism

“Remembering this 125th anniversary of LA OPINÓN-EL CORREO DE ZAMORA coincides with the expansion of our journalism museum. opened its doors five years ago and now renamed as Memory Museum Guards. It is a unique example in Spain,” he said. Xavier Mol, head Iberian Press Group He was in charge of inaugurating the new museum (entrance from Calle), located in the premises of the newspaper owned by this newspaper, which can be visited daily between 7 pm and 9:30 pm. mercy or Sister Ignacia Idoate) and simultaneously from 1 August, but Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Keynote by Javier Moll. José Luis Fernandez

The first words of the president’s speech were a “message”. solidarity and courage to victims” “by both fires The biggest in the history of Spain” Sierra de la Culebra Y LosacioWith an area of ​​60,000 hectares, Brigadier and one Shepherdinjured a few more people and ranchers, farmers and people from other industries, for example Gezi the countryside “lost their way of life”.

Moll thanked his work professionals and warring neighbors fire and to the journalists and photographers of LA OPINÓN-EL CORREO, spared tries to inform the public.

with Zamora

head Iberian Press “Now more than ever, we have newspapers, engaged always with the future of this world, attemptMark interest Zamorans help overcome obstacles and climate convenient Recovery after the fires.

A good newspaper is one that follows the revolution. TRUE defend its citizens while enjoying their joys and suffering with their misfortunes”. This is how LA OPINÓN-EL CORREO DE ZAMORA understands his business, Title that these lands feel and defined with the personality of their people. A newspaper that accompanies generations of Zamoranos from three different centuries.”

125th anniversary

The speaker stressed origins Celebrating 125 years of your head, 1987 “This was just the year the light came electrical To the streets of the city of Zamora”, “a great metaphor, since the newspaper El Correo de Zamora matrixborn for shine the way of Zamoranos through all these years”.

Witness Part of the history of Zamora, LA OPINÓN-EL CORREO DE ZAMORA is the result of a vision. 90s “Guaranteed Zamoranos the continuity of their historical capital”. Inside 1990 The first issue of LA OPINION DE ZAMORA by Prensa Ibérica comes out with the latest developments. technological and the “newsroom of young journalists who give a new air to journalism in the province”. ANDin 1993 Prensa Ibérica bought El Correo and cover current title, LA OPINÓN-EL CORREO DE ZAMORA.

Journalism Museum

Guardians of the Museum of Memory, “the last linotype Until the whole transformation process, “who worked in a newspaper in our country” digital. “The museum offers a trip. evolution Zamora’s history to be careful Cover and photo selection. this newspaper library THE OPINION-EL CORREO DE ZAMORA HDD preserves the history of the main events and preserves it for future generations. There are also sections monographic on Pandemic wave depopulation between Spain is empty.

Umbilical cord with the leader in the state and the diaspora

a newspaper XXI century, leader in the province and connection with the Zamora of the diaspora. These were some of the ideas from Javier Moll’s speech. “The newspaper was born in Istanbul. XIX century, Today is an informative reference. is he daily leader Both on paper and in Zamora digital and one of the most effective all of Castile and Leon. Almost added last year eleven million unique users and more than 62 million pages Views on the Internet”.

VISIT-ZAMORA MAIL Newspaper above all zamoranosof the people living in the region and the thousands and thousands of people who are compelled to do so. To leave. this is a land migration and thanks to the internet, our readers To present Zamora from Spain and all over the world. We combine Zamoranos with their province of origin. As we want to say, umbilical cord In this respect diaspora”.

“OPINION-EL CORREO DE ZAMORA claimsnow more than ever, as the home of all houses sounds and in it, from the diversity of thought, contention your ideas. 125th anniversary event, loyalty Together hyperlocal journalism dQuality that can reach every city and every home in Zamora”.

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