Alcudia Classical Theater Festival takes back its 2019 numbers with 2,500 attendees

Alcudia Classical Theater Festival ends the pandemic and becomes a success Round up the 2019 numbers. has been 2,500 people Participants in the eight shows scheduled for the year tenth edition This cycle organized by the University of Alicante

The University of Alicante launched the La Alcudia Classical Theater Festival in July 2013, an initiative that combines classical theater with the archaeological setting of the Alcudia region. Total, in this decade of its existence, the Festival was able to mobilize to 14,500 spectators, between face-to-face editions and the online edition of 2020. The initiative celebrated its tenth edition this year with a program of eight theatrical performances, four of which are framed in a frame. Theater Teaching, and four more on the block professional theater.

Vice Rector for Culture, Sports and University BroadcastingCatherine Iliescu He established a balance of this first decade of the festival. “This is an initiative Born in July 2013 with two performances and 240 spectators, and this is gaining more and more followers, reaching 2,500 spectators attending 8 shows scheduled for 2019 in its seventh edition”.

“Obviously, the data of the last two years has been affected by the state of health, as in other cultural areas. In 2020 we had to adapt the festival to the online format and the final edition, we returned face to face in 2021 but we were only able to activate 50% of the seats. Despite this, we had six performances and 1,345 spectators in last year’s ninth edition. In this edition, the Festival regained pre-pandemic attendance levels with a total of 2,500 attendees and 8 performances.

Trojan horsesResponsible for the UA Permanent University Theater Class; Romeo + JulietFrom the UA Theater Class; The Flashes of Don Quixote de la Manchawith the Miguel Hernández University Theater Company and Trojan horsesare the four Theater in Teaching proposals seen at the Festival with the winning version of the V Greco-Roman Theater School Competition 2022 by La Nave Argo. In the Professional Theater block, Venetian merchant, With Dau Al Sec company; Verbo Producciones and its installation Entre bobos and game; begging, a proposal by La Libelula Teatro; Y undress eros, It is represented by Coribante Productions.

La Alcudia-UA Classical Theater Festival, Generalitat Valenciana, Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport; Valencian Cultural Institute; Alicante Provincial Council and Elche City Council.

Public Aid Data by Years

I Festival (2013). 2 performances: 240 spectators

II Festival (2014). 4 performances: 1,050 spectators

Third Festival (2015). 4 performances: 1,150 spectators

4th Festival (2016). 8 performances. 1,403 spectators

5th Festival (2017). 7 performances: 1,271 spectators

6th Festival (2018). 8 performances: 2,400 spectators

7th Festival (2019). 8 performances: 2,500 spectators

8th Festival (2020). Web VIII Festival – Online format.

IX Festival (2021) 6 performances: 1,345 spectators. Only 50% of active seats.

10th Festival (2022). 8 performances: 2,500 spectators

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