Alsou called her ex-husband’s mistresses “girls of low social status” 15:15

Singer Alsou refused to speak in a chat POPCAKE.TV about the mistresses of her ex-husband, entrepreneur Yan Abramov.

According to Alsou, she does not want to comment on the situation and does not want to talk about “girls of low social status.” The artist said he did not want to “fall to that level.”

The reporter asked whether Alsou had met her ex-husband’s mistress. The artist said that he does not comment on such things.

On May 27, 2024, it became known that Alsou filed for divorce from her husband. On May 28, it was reported that the reason for the singer’s separation from the businessman may have been her husband’s infidelity.

Alsou on June 24 impliedShe said that suspicions about her ex-husband’s relationship with model Anastasia Reshetova were true. Commenting under the news with the title “She is lying”, Reshetova said, “She does not look at a married man”.

On June 19, Reshetova wrote on her personal blog that she had been in a relationship for three years. She said she was “tired of the tabloid press” making up stories about her.

Previously Alsou released a song about divorce.

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Source: Gazeta


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