Taylor Swift fans caused another earthquake 16:09

Taylor Swift fans caused another earthquake 16:09

Small earthquakes were recorded in Edinburgh at three concerts by pop star Taylor Swift between 7 and 9 June. The publication reports that “BBC”.

“The opportunity to study seismic activity caused by another phenomenon was exciting. It is clear that Scotland’s reputation for attracting the most enthusiastic audiences is not in danger!” – said seismologist Callum Harrison.

It was noted that seismic activity was felt 6 kilometers away from the concert area. Artist’s “Ready For It?” He reached the top with his song. The star’s fans produced approximately 80 kW of energy, which is equivalent to 6 thousand car batteries.

The broadcast emphasizes that the earthquake caused fans to stomp and applaud. The Friday concert was the loudest concert.

Swift fans in June 2023 in the name He recorded seismic activity at his concert in Seattle. This was equivalent to a 2.3 magnitude earthquake.

end of may recognizedHe said that Edinburgh authorities moved homeless people to other cities because of the Taylor Swift concert. Social activists described the authorities’ decision as “blatant injustice”.

Taylor Swift was on stage before I blew my nose I took it in my hand and wiped the snot off my skirt.

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