Music Night festival in Yekaterinburg will celebrate its 10th anniversary this year 13:10

Russia’s largest and multi-format music festival, Ural Music Night, will be held in Yekaterinburg on June 28 with the participation of more than 3,000 musicians; The project will celebrate its 10th anniversary this year. The press service of the festival reported this to

Ural Music Night, which was first held in 2015, brought together 70 thousand spectators and 1000 musicians in 43 venues. While the number of spectators exceeded 370 thousand in 2023, more than three thousand musicians from all over Russia and 13 countries performed on 102 stages.

This year Ekaterinburg will once again be a concert venue for artists of different genres and styles. Music will be heard in more than 100 venues: parks, squares, squares, bars, restaurants, theaters, museums.

Inside the TV club, a stage will appear in a crazy format unique to the Ural Music Night. The headliners of the venue are St. Petersburg, who will give a joint concert. Petersburg GSPD and Dead Blonde artists.

Cream Soda band will perform at Plotinka near Time Capsule. You can dance to the hits of past years on the “Discoland” stage, located near the Design Development Center. The headliners of the venue will be Sergei Serkov, the former soloist of the “Tender May” group, and the former soloist of the legendary ensemble Alexander Drozdov, who will perform the “Blue Frost” program.

The leading actors of the ESTORY food market will be young artists such as Antokha MS and the Sirotkin group. For rock and metal lovers, at the Ekaterinburg Arena in sector B, aspiring artists and representatives of publicly known genres will perform – the leader of “Semantic Hallucinations” Sergei Bobunets, as well as the groups Wildways and “Mytishchi v”. Fire”.

The festival program traditionally ends at dawn with the “Dawn” event. Thousands of spectators will use mirrors to catch the sun’s rays in October Square. The Therr Maitz group will perform the song “The night will pass, a clear morning will come…” together with the BACH chamber orchestra.

“Music Night” is, first and foremost, an event. An event for the city, for the country. It’s an event you’ve been waiting for all year and already planned on your calendar.
And “When the night passes” you boldly plan the next year with “Music Night” because you know a clear morning will come!” – said Anna Balovina, director of the BACH orchestra.

The remaining artists will be announced later. Everyone can listen to musicians for free.

“Music Night” festival in 2023 collected 360 thousand viewers despite the restrictions.

Formerly Therr Maitz happened He is the leading actor of the Ural Music Nights festival.

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Source: Gazeta


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