The lawyer said who will pay the debt of half a million dollars Zavorotnyuk 17:45

Famous lawyer Sergei Zhorin said that the actress’s heirs will have to pay off Anastasia Zavorotnyuk’s debt of half a million dollars. His words were reported by the publication “”.

“Payment of debts belongs to the heirs. However, this liability should not exceed the value of the inheritance,” explained the defender.

Zhorin suggested that the debt of the star of the series “My Fair Nanny” to the Federal Tax Service is unlikely to become a “global problem” for the family.

Before reportedThe celebrity’s family owes half a million rubles to the tax authorities. It was noted that the Zavorotnyuk family was engrossed in the actor’s treatment, so they did not keep track of tax deductions.

Anastasia Zavorotnyuk passed away on the night of May 30 at the age of 53. The actor has been struggling with glioblastoma, a brain cancer, in recent years. Her condition reportedly worsened sharply two weeks ago, she said. The last years of his life the actor spent in the Moscow region. Zavorotnyuk’s surviving children: 23-year-old Michael and 28-year-old Anna.

The most famous acting work of Anastasia Zavorotnyuk was the main role in the comedy series “My Fair Nanny”. The celebrity starred in 173 episodes of the project in just five years. She also appeared in the TV series “Dancing on Ice”, “Dancing with the Stars”, “Marriage Games”, “Two Stars”.

Previously Tarasov’s coach in the name Zavorotnyuk is a great player.

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Source: Gazeta


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