Father Mark on the triumph of the Valaam monks’ film: “This is a discovery” 16:16

The documentary film “Motherland of Monasticism” received the Grand Prize of the international festival “Golden Knight”. About this RIA Novosti reported Director of the Spiritual and Educational Center “Light of Valaam” monk Mark Zaikov.

“In the film, we ask the question of how dogma affects spiritual life. But the film is not about theology, it is about people,” the cleric shared.

Father Mark explained that the film was shot during the trip of Russian monks to Egypt. It tells about life in ancient Coptic monasteries, which are considered the birthplace of monasticism. According to the priest, the trip was “a real discovery” for representatives of the Russian Orthodox Church, because in Egypt they live according to the old rules.

Father Mark emphasized that in the “director” column of the film “Motherland of the Monastery” the “brethren of the Valaam Monastery” are listed. He also called the art of painting created with the help of collective work amateur.

14 May Ekaterinburg Metropolitan named Hollywood movies are causing the demographics to worsen. According to her, women are becoming less mothers lately because they have been listening to messages from American movies.


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Source: Gazeta


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