A database containing information on road closures will appear in Russia 15:57

In Russia, it is planned to convert information on traffic restrictions on Russian roads into electronic form. In this respect report Regarding Izvestia, Dmitry Safonov, head of the department of road activities of the department of state policy in the field of road infrastructure of the Ministry of Transport of Russia.

According to Safonov, navigation system operators will be able to use data on road restrictions. Once the bids are finalized, the Department of Transportation will send them to the federal agency.

“It’s no secret that now many drivers use information services, navigators from different manufacturers that can receive this data from the information system and transmit it to the driver literally instantly online,” said Safonov.

It happened before that knownHe said that the Institute for Contemporary Policy Studies (IIPSP) has submitted an application to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, requesting that the practice of installing speed bumps in parks and pavements be initiated.

The letter to Mikhail Chernikov, head of Russia’s State Traffic Safety Inspectorate, states that the installation of artificial bumps will reduce the number of accidents involving users of personal mobility devices (PIMs) – especially electric scooters. The letter includes statistics that 2.3 thousand accidents involving SIM occurred during the 9 months of 2023; This number is three times higher than in the same period last year.

Also head of the State Traffic Inspectorate of the Russian Federation Mikhail Chernikov statedIt is planned to remove unnecessary cameras from Russian roads.

According to him, today about 29 thousand cameras are installed on the roads of the Russian Federation. Chernikov emphasized that the accident rate is significantly lower in these regions. However, he added that the traffic police take a strict approach to the rules regarding device installation.

Previously reportedRussia does not plan to introduce penalty points for traffic violations.

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Source: Gazeta


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