Bianca told how her chosen one sold her a Mercedes 09:30

Singer Tatyana Lipnitskaya, known under the pseudonym Bianca, spoke about her chosen one who sold her car for her. The artist shared this story on his YouTube program. “Lichka”.

“A guy once gave me a car so I could shoot the video “There was a dance” because there was no money. “I made a video with this money and he sold the Mercedes,” said the artist.

She admitted that she broke up with the young man after he became popular, and joked: “He doesn’t have a car, why do I need a car?” The celebrity shared that she was in a relationship with a “greedy” boyfriend, among other things. Bianca remembered that she wanted a $500 grill. He was hoping the young man would give him the equipment, but he offered to split the check in half.

“I don’t want this grill from a guitarist who earns 15 thousand rubles a month. But he could afford it. I left him later. “He gave me a juicer on March 8,” the singer fumed.

Bianca in March made plastic surgery – tummy tuck. In addition to the corrections in her abdominal area, she also had fat removed from her legs. The celebrity announced that she spent about three million rubles on plastic surgery.

Previously ballerina Anastasia Volochkova acceptedwho dreams of a wedding.

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Source: Gazeta


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