The doctor explained for which disease you should choose remote work Allergist Aleshechkina: remote work helps alleviate allergy outbreaks 09:36

Switching to remote work helps you better control your allergies. In this respect NewsInfo.Ru said allergist Maria Aleshechkina.

Working from home allows you to minimize your exposure to allergens such as pollen, dust, household chemicals and fragrances. The doctor also stated that it is more convenient to create a schedule for taking medications.

“But of course, working remotely will not completely rid the person of allergies, it will only help reduce outbreaks,” the doctor added.

therapist before supported The opinion of State Duma deputies on the right of people with allergies to work remotely if they have medical certificates. He emphasized that allergies cannot be left untreated.

Also allergists to remind: Severe swelling (more than ten centimeters), fever and chills after an insect bite require consultation with a doctor, as these allergy symptoms can be life-threatening.

used to be a doctor appreciated The effectiveness of nasal filter plugs against allergies.

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Source: Gazeta


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