Kudryavtseva calls for an end to nonsense after rumors about Romanian citizenship 05/20/2024, 16:57

He denied in a conversation with TV presenter Lera Kudryavtseva SuperHe said he applied for Romanian citizenship.

Kudryavtseva described the information that she wanted to obtain citizenship of another country as gossip. The TV presenter urged people to stop “suffering from nonsense”.

In May, a rumor appeared on the Internet that Kudryavtseva had applied for Romanian citizenship. Social network users showed A screenshot in which the TV presenter allegedly claims that he decided to get a European passport.

In February, Kudryavtseva suffered a serious knee injury. It turned out that he had a cruciate ligament tear in his knee and a fracture in the condyle of his hip joint. It will take more than six months for his leg to recover.

Kudryavtseva admitted that she broke her leg “purely by accident” during a dance rehearsal for a new show. According to the artist, she was supposed to jump on stage when she suddenly heard a crunch and felt a sharp pain. On March 19, Kudryavtseva returned to the studio for the first time after surgery.

Kudryavtseva is raising her daughter Masha, who was born in 2018 in the marriage of a TV presenter with hockey player Igor Makarov. The celebrity used the in vitro fertilization method to give birth to the baby.

Previously Kudryavtseva failed to see the point of the Russian adaptation of “Knock on My Door.”

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Source: Gazeta


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