70,000 people surrendered to Metallica’s energy in Mad Cool

good part 70,000 attendees on the first day of Mad Cool tonight took the energy drain and strength strong, mighty, valiantmain concert of a night celebrating the return of the Madrid festival two years later suspended due to the pandemic.

Despite the threat of stormy weather hovering over the venue a few hours before the opening at 5 PM on Wednesday, normalcy reigned in a day at full capacity. Finally, the energy and rock discharge came hours later with the California metal band appearing in front of an audience of heterogeneous ages with a slight delay at 9:45 PM (no lack of metal hacking from their children or nephews), many of them. heavy t-shirts and less hair. A powerful two-hour concert He became the prominent name among 29 groups that took the stage in one of the seven stages of the fifth festival, which will last until next Sunday.

Probably most of the attendees were born when vocalist/guitarist James Hetfield and drummer Lars Ulrich formed Metallica in Los Angeles in 1981 (they are now 61). Now accompanied by Robert Trujillo (bass) and Kirk Lee Hammett (guitar), they started their show with one of their strongest and fastest songs, ‘Whiplash’ from their 1983 debut album ‘Kill ’em All’.

The fast pace, instrumentals and strong and aggressive musicality that made the band known worldwide presided over the concert with chants such as ‘Seek and destroy’ or the ballad, which focused above all on the debut albums of these thrash metal founders. , much cheering, ‘Nothing else matters’. Sweetened with torches and fireworks, especially at the end, the show started with footage and music from Sergio Leone’s ‘The Good, the Bad and the Ugly’ and almost closed with the ‘Johnny took his rifle’ sequences. The anti-war song ‘One’, inspired by the story of the soldier who lost his limbs, sight and hearing in the war. The concert ended with the legendary ‘Master of Puppets’ and Hetfield thanking the “big Metallica family” company and welcoming the new members (there by his own calculation, about half of the attendees asked the singer to ask the novices to raise their hands).

After throwing away the energy and professionalism of seasoned rockers, Takes over Twenty One Pilotsother names featured by the organization on today’s poster, and Chvrches. British hours ago placebo They mostly covered songs like ‘Beautiful James’ from the ‘Never Let Me Go’ album released this year. His glam alternative rock voice and Brian Molko’s characteristic nasal voice were also heard on ‘Too many friends’ from the album ‘Loud Like Love’ in 2014. first day hypnotic songs villagershas been nominated several times by Anglo-Saxon critics for the Mercury Prize for best album; British alice the wolfgreat hope of contemporary rock with only three albums and Yves’ TumorAmerican champion of experimental music.

This Thursday, the main stages will be filled with alternative rock. Imagine Dragons and Slayers and metal band deftonesamong others.

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