FASHION: “We don’t want to be seen as a party group, we want to contribute more”

They carry the concepts in their names great and alcohol, Although their songs are more of an emotional hangover. Fashion. This article takes you to different points in Spanish geography. New songbook from BurgosA final album in which centuries-old lyrics from the Castilian folk tradition contribute to their special vision. David Ruiz (voice and guitar) answers a phone call in the middle of one of the traffic jams they experience while on tour.

Is this album due to a pending account on your source?

When you’re young, you may feel a certain rejection of tradition as you associate it with grandparent problems. You don’t want to know anything about it for fifteen years. In 2011 we were looking at English music from the United States. That’s what we heard and liked. Over time, we began to look more at our roots. In 2017, we took the first step in the ‘Salvavida’ album with the song ‘Campo Amarillo’. This latest album is the result of this whole process of returning to a century old tradition.

Have you rediscovered yourself in this process?

Somehow, it was like going to your grandparents’ house and finding a box under the bed in their room full of memories they never told you, so you got to know them and yourself better. It was the experience of connecting with where we came from.

Adding a contemporary twist to Burgos tradition should be fun.

It is the core premise of everything we do that inspires, motivates or entertains us. Otherwise, we would devote ourselves to something else. At best we would be in an office. But we feel lucky to work with music and to be able to work with these texts. I can say that it is quite emotional.

This emotional charge makes this album a little different from its predecessors, how do live listeners experience it?

People think we are a party band because the band name is a bit misleading and the instruments we play and especially the rhythm of many of the songs on the first album are upbeat. But we love this contrast between the upbeat music of the accordion, mandolin, and banjo, and the thoughtful, even somber, lyrics. This album fits so well with the rest of our repertoire. We don’t want people to see us as a party group or for entertainment, we try to contribute more. We want to convey what we feel.

You recorded this album at Black Box, a lost studio in the French countryside, does the decision have anything to do with this pursuit of rural mysticism?

We were going to record the album with Steve Albini, the sound engineer of bands like Nirvana, with whom we made an EP in 2018. We were looking for a raw sound with less polished electric guitars. However, while working on El nuevo cancionero burgalés, we realized that Albini was not the best musical choice. We booked the studio because he found it, so we booked the place to work with Jordi Mora as sound engineer and Gorka Urbizu, with whom we had previously started working on production. We could jump in and tell you an incredible story, but no.

You give the impression that you are escaping from the noise of the industry.

We had an isolated recording experience for ten days in France. You can make this analogy. But like all groups, we are also looking for our identity. This album is perhaps not what was expected of us, it deals with the lyrics more than a hundred years ago. There were many surprises. But we always did our best and we are happy that it worked out despite the doubts. We were wondering how non-Burgosians would take it, but we all have a place of origin and many people from different parts of Spain have written to tell us how they identify with the stories. That was the bad thing.

How can you continue to work from self-management?

It’s true that we’re a team of seven, and oftentimes it’s chaos to agree on the album cover or at the time of a tour announcement. But it’s all discussions about our work, which we are passionate about. It may be chaotic, but the essence of us is the contribution each of us makes to get on stage to activate the ultimate goal, the audience.

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