Theater director Peter Brook dies at 97

theater director Peter Brook, a legend 20th and 21st century scenarios, He died this Saturday at the age of 97, according to the newspaper ‘Le Monde’.

Born in London in 1925, the son of Jewish immigrants from Latvia, Brook In 1974 he settled in Paris, where he lived most of his life, and restored an old theater, turning it into one of the most modern stages in the French capital. Bouffes du Nord Theatre.

There he was able to apply synthesis of natural research, In works such as “The Enchanted Flute” based on Mozart’s creation.

It was known as Brook “L’enfant terrible” of the theater, cit can combine the latest innovations and the institutional with the commercial theatre.

He learned from the best, especially during his time in New York, where he took the stage.Tennessee Williams’ “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof” but also creations of Arthur Miller or Jean Genet.

Above all, it was his creation and direction.Titus Andronicus” at the Royal Shakespeare Company A before and after in his career and in the performing arts itself, where the best-known British author imposes a new vision on his work.

in 1970 Brook abandoned the traditional stages of London and made a change to the theater concept. and to create the International Center for Theater Studies, where she plays with actors from half the world, with whom she performs in the Americas, the Middle East, Africa, and above all, on the fringes and slums in search of a new connection between public and performance. .

These reflections are found in: Origin of Bouffes du Nord, a room he accidentally discovered while in ruins and, preserving that decadent spirit, inaugurated a theater that was immersed in “a more intense human experience.”

“Brook pointed to generations of artists. I discovered it when I was 16 and came to Paris and discovered another way of doing theatre.. The theory of the empty space accompanies me every day, as well as the actor’s location and the way he directs it,” director Daniel San Pedro, who recently directed “Andando Lorca 1936” at Bouffes du Nord, told EFE.

For San Pedro, who is bilingual because of his Spanish roots, By mixing languages, Brook brought modernity and clarity to theater. and artists from different countries without this problem.

‘La Tempestad’ adaptation made an impact, so like ‘Carmen’ with opera singers. La Bouffes du Nord, which I have directed several times, is, like him, a place with a magical soul that all artists dream of.”

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