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The first of the great celebrations came on foot a strong wind that relieves the heat in the stands but disturbed the bullfighters in the ring. It can’t be said to be a definitive factor, but perhaps with tougher fabrics and Fuente Ymbro horns some crossovers could resonate more in terms of command and dominance.

And centered on the show’s alluring “torista”, the Cadiz farmer’s bulls didn’t quite live up to expectations. It is true that in general, with different caste tones, they passed from the genius of the sixth to the nobility of the fifth, many of them eventually began to dig, and others, such as the first and fourth, were lost very quickly. They obeyed the ancestor without further density.

Antonio Ferrera opened the afternoon with his blue cloak. Animal pressed to the right by Percale, and after a consistent punch, he began to force the animal in two groups from the right python with a good line, albeit unsolicited. Naturally, the wind complicated the setting and, again with his right hand, the bull was more reserved, although he could create some vertical right hands of a certain majesty. Lifting half of it, he saluted with a round of applause.

Ginés Marín doubles down on his first foe. | ALEX DOMINGUEZ

The fourth example of the Cadiz iron moved with very little energy. Ferrera took it as a cape imitating the Mexican Pana, a bluff before the first speedboat of a bouquet without too much shine. Fernando Sánchez nailed this and many fairground couples, letting him see himself at the cite, waiting for the bull to start and leaving gracefully with his chest up. To put in schools. He provided Ferrera to the public and dominated the first outings.e la res when push still demands. He had a dominance and beautiful voice in the first series. But the animal’s bellows soon wore off, and the right-hander had to cheer up some grueling attacks to put out a group that dressed up a handful of worthy natures and quotes and quotes, too much in the personal style Ferrera was accustomed to. audiences are in their most mature stages. The movement was the beginning of the walking appendix.

Perera was not even a shadow of that glorious past. Except for the tremendous team he leads with a very moderate Javier Abel in fabrics and a full-fledged Curro Javier in banderillas, and some passages with that crutch of anger and power that he’s recently placed between them. those who rule at fairs. The second in the afternoon was tough and hit an annoying bit in the middle of the muletazo. Like someone holding back, Perera at times managed to soften the horned man’s journey and tie him together, but then came the dissonance, the setbacks, the constant doubts, and that didn’t quite work. The animal demanded a firmness and command, which the bullfighter did not always know how to achieve.. One move averted greater evils.

The fifth repeated long and tirelessly on Perera’s flannel, and it didn’t end with confidence until the third party. Then he grounded it with his right hands, some with good weather, some with natural ones, but there was always a feeling that something else had to be there. Perhaps the worst thing that could have happened to him happened: discovering available resources in himself to crush his two opponents, but failing to strengthen his target. On top of that, Perera took the olive tree twice: this time after losing the crutch, which was her biggest chance, and once when she tore her cloak on the capotero receipt. Who saw, who saw

In the end, none other than Ginés Marín, who had the most bets on him, took that afternoon. And this commitment was seen above all in the vigorous use of steel. How well it marks the times, how slow it starts, and how accurate it is in placement. The two ears given to him from the sixth seem a bit extreme and it could only be argued that the move was already worth one. But his predisposition was also evident, for example, in two separate dismissals from two of his rivals; the first with good weather chicuelinas and the sixth with a mix of Chicuelo, tafalleras and cordobinas. Socks and long throws crowned the interceptions.

An insecure Perera had a few troubling moments like this. | ALEX DOMINGUEZ

he was sixth a very genius animal that moves a lot but leaves constant defeats, what former magazine racks call “kalamochear” and what current retired bullfighters who are commentators call “shake off.” Where does it end, from one statement to the next. Well, the one Legislado was joining had a smash hit, and certainly the biggest feat of Marín’s mess was getting him to barely touch the fabrics, because if he did, the loss would have been enormous. Such inconsistency in offense was difficult to tame, and when the goal was finally achieved, it was even possible to decorate it with capstans and changes of hands. The sword signed the rubbing mechanic, as said earlier.

Before the third, Marín was also the solver, completely completing the Extremaduran trio. The player from Fuente Ymbro showed a very interesting game in the media until the first round. He quickly picked up the tricks, humiliated and slipped. The floor knee starter doubloons had command and flavor. He was quoted from afar in the media and the animal happily responded, but the third muletazo arrived and looked at the tables more than suspicious. And from then on, the struggle went downhill. A change of hand was evident in the second round, and Marín naturally made a mistake on the pitch, which left the streak broken. He accomplished nothing more than a good muletazo with the Zocata and focused on the right-hand squeeze, capitalizing on the love for animals already so evident in the final sticks. He signed to justify the ear given to steel.

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