UA’s Miguel de Cervantes Virtual Library creates the portal of the Valencian Language Academy

this Miguel de Cervantes Virtual Library (BVMC) University of Alicante He inaugurated the Acadèmia Valenciana de la Llengua portal. It is a space designed to host and disseminate funds, material and scientific content related to the Valencian language, literature and culture. This website provides access to materials, Content and information on representative classical and contemporary authors of Valencian literatureas well as a catalog of studies, studies, educational proposals, a newspaper library, audio-visual publications, image galleries and related links.

veronica sangThe AVL president stressed the importance of having his own portal in the Miguel de Cervantes Virtual Library, “because it will help to disseminate all work with different platforms. Writers of the Year. We also believe it’s a good way to collectively gain visibility into authors who have been honored by the institution over the years. In short, we consider it an opportunity to continue to disseminate content related to the Valencian language, culture and literature».

This portal Virtual Library Joan Lluís VivesWith Miguel de Cervantes Virtual Library university network part ofJoan Lluís Vives Institute. With this agreement, it is aimed to make maximum use of, promote and disseminate the digitized collections in the network on the one hand, and to propose and enable the digital edition of Turkey’s most representative works, on the other hand. Catalan, Valencian and Balearic culture.

Authors who are part of the Academy portal, Constanti Llombart, Enric Valor and Vives, Teodor Llorente Olivares, Joan Rois de Corella Y Carmelina Sanchez-Cutillas.

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