An intimate and casual Picasso through the lens of Lucien Clergue

Pablo Picasso I didn’t know how to swim. But there are a few Photos taken by his friend Lucien Clergue, diving and swimming on the French coast with movements that seem somewhat unsafe. In others, the painter appears in 1965, dressing gown with his wife at his home in Notre-Dame-de-Vie Jacqueline Roquedancing gypsy partylooking at the clock on the terrace after a drink or bull fighting, which he was very fond of. Some of these scenes artist’s sincerity and everyday life In the south of France, Clergue (1934-2014) captures his point and points out that “the diary of their friendships and complicity and their shared leisure life are short-lived”. Emmanuel Guigon, Director of the Picasso Museum in BarcelonaThe exhibition opened with 240 black and white photographs out of a total of 595 photographs in the center’s collection, which the French photographer bought in 2016.

The tour, which can be watched until October 10, opens with Clergue’s portrayal of the artist for the first time. They coincided on April 5, 1953, during a bullfight in the photographer’s hometown of Arles. They didn’t know each other, but Picasso asked that young man is only 19 years old Keep sending him your own photos. Two years later they met again at the painter’s home in Cannes, La California, and the painter invited him to shoot his portrait. Seeing that day as the best day of his life, the priest attributed this privilege to the artist’s liking for his photographs. mountainsLinked to the spirit of the Harlequins, its rehearsals animal carcasses and Destruction of Arles by Allied bombing. “carrion and remains they reflected spooky universe that he represented at ‘Guernica’. The war brought us closer. Also bullfights,” the photographer explained.

The ‘Picasso-Clergue’ exhibition hall at the Museu Picasso. EFE

Their friendship and relationship continued until Picasso’s death in 1973. He returned home in 1978 at the request of photographer Jacqueline. Her photographs reflect the sadness of the widow observing the artist’s absence, the empty workshop, and various works packed for shipping.

The exhibition highlights “the value of photography itself and is a tribute to the photographer who, at the age of 18, already has the vision of the creator”. Silvia Domenech Who would curate the exhibition together with Guigon. Picasso introduced him to his friends, among them, director Jean Cocteauinviting him to participate in the competition Filming of ‘The Testament of Orpheus’A work that was decisive for Clergue’s unequivocal dedication to professional photography. He was the official photographer of the tape featuring Picasso. One of the footage shows him relaxing and smoking on set. Chatting with Luis Miguel Dominguín before Lucía Bosé and Jaqueline.

a picasso caring and considerate, uninhibited and fun, close… visit the exhibition Paco Muñoz playing trumpet at an antique dealer’s house in 1959, dancing with a flamenco guitarist in 1964 silver repairman At a gypsy party, he signed with the girls of Clergue, who was little more than a guitar or a doll. He reflects the man he met in the last photographs taken by the artist in 1971: “strong, victorious, vulnerable, shy, tired, greedy and happy to live.”

Brigitte Baer at the Museu Picasso in Barcelona. BAPTIST CONSUELO / VEGAP SUCCESS

In parallel, the Carrer de Montcada museum is opening another exhibition born of its collection, thanks to archives donated by his nephew David Leclerc in 2015. brigitte baer (1931-2005), Author of catalog raisonné of over 2,000 engravings of Picasso.

‘Whorehouse. whispers. Profile of wrinkled-nosed Degas’, engraving Picasso. SUCCESS PABLO PICASSO

Brigitte Baer. Picasso and his Engravings reflect the engraving passion of this highly cultured woman, who never knew the artist and justifies her catalog work. “meticulous, intelligent and careful”, He adds Domènech, who is a curator with Núria Solé, emphasizing his role as an art historian and his “obsessive” mission, which he carries out with scientific rigor in each piece and seeks all possible information.

The exhibition showcases 50 engravings accompanied by cards and handwritten texts that confirm Baer’s method. He took over from Bernhard Geiser, who had published only two volumes before his death, and Baer completed it and raised it to seven.


Barcelona Picasso Museum

Commissioners: Emmanuel Guigon and Silvia Domenech

From 22 June to 20 October 2022

Brigitte Baer. Picasso and his engravings

Barcelona Picasso Museum

Commissioners: Emmanuel Guigon, Sílvia Domènech and Núria Solé Bardalet

From 22 June to 20 October 2022

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