Civil Guard detains a man for jihadist terrorism in Elche

this Civil Guard arrested in ilicitana county hole An Iraqi citizen with Norwegian nationality for jihadist terrorism. Suspect’s arrest 44 years oldcarried out last weekend, and the extensive deployment of Benemérita agents caught the attention of residents, where it was interpreted that the operation was for a marijuana plantation, although there was no official information among them, but there were people, too. who allegedly claimed to be a jihadist.

They refused to provide any information from the Alicante Civil Guard Command about this counter-terrorism operation in which agents were displaced. Madrid and state officials.

The Civil Guard’s operation monopolized conversations among La Hoya residents for much of the weekend. The arrested man, of Iraqi descent but of Norwegian nationality, was approx. One year living in the La Hoya area. He lived with a woman with two daughters, and his arrest caused consternation among the neighbors, as they did not suspect anything of the prisoner.

The operation of the Armed Institute began at eight o’clock in the morning at a soldier’s home. Engineer Serra Sokak and it took a few hours. Uniformed and plainclothes police were deployed to the aforementioned street, and entrances and exits were made to the building.

The detainee for a terrorist offense was transferred to Madrid by the Civil Guard to order his trial and hand him over to the guards’ central Training Court. national audience.

A few years ago, a man was arrested in Torrellano for glorifying terrorism and humiliating victims over a social network. He was convicted, but in July 2020 the National Supreme Court reduced his prison sentence from 24 to 6 months because his messages were not widely disseminated, because he had few followers and did not comment much along the same lines.

Source: Informacion


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