Elche Film Festival has selected eight films for competition in its new feature film section

After 45 raids, Elche International Independent Film Festival this year, it premieres a new section of feature films devoted to the debuts of new directors. The jury has already selected eight finalist titles from the 55 productions that will be showcased in this edition. Odeón de Elche cinemas from 8 to 15 Julywithin the scope of a festival that has been extended to two weeks and will end on July 22, precisely because of this new event.

The jury of the festival organized by the Fundación Mediterráneo determined the feature films. Visitorby Alberto Gospel; canine toothby José Luis Estan; Oliver’s Universe by Alexis Morante; tripleby Pau Calpe; the last saltby Nando Caballero; Travellerby Raúl Cerezo and Fernando González Gómez; Wizardby Rubén Sainz and Bossby Fran Torres.

The first two names correspond to the filmmakers from Alicante: Albert’s Bible (Benidorm, 1982) and José Luis Estan (Callosa de Segura, 1990). first offered Visitor in the official section Sitges Festival and was nominated for best picture at the Awards Gaudi in 2021, canine tooth Premiered at the Seville Festival, it was recently screened in cinemas. Alicante Silver Tile for Best Actor for the role played by the man from Alicante Michelangelo Pure.

Miquel Fernández in “The Visitor” by Alberto Evangelio INFORMATION

rural dramas, income psychological or horror comedies Some of the genres selected from the films that should have been shot between January 1, 2021 and January 1, 2022, and their stories include familiar faces among their translators. Aitana Sánchez-Gijón, María León, Pedro Casablanc, Salva Reina, Ramiro Blas, Iria del Río and Jan Cornet.

The free admission screening of the feature films will take place at 8:30 am at the Odeón de Elche from Friday 8-15 July. colloquium between the public and the directors of all filmsThey will talk about their experiences of shooting their first feature films and answer the questions asked by the attendees.

President of the Mediterranean Foundation, Louis Boyernoted that the “great response and fantastic reception” of the new feature film category “reaffirms our commitment to culture and cinema” in the province of Elche and Alicante. Organized and sponsored by the Akdeniz Foundation, the festival is held in collaboration with the Elche City Council and the Luis Buñuel Elche Cinema Club.

A frame from “Oliver’s Universe” INFORMATION

Selected feature films

Governing Albert’s Bible – 100 minutes (2022)

Distribution: Iria del Rio, Miquel Fernandez, Jan Cornet and Sandra Cervera

Inside Visitoris handled through the prism of genre cinema in a story that revolves between motherhood and guilt, close, analogical special effects and terror. Marga decides to spend a few days in a house in her old town to escape her marital crisis. In that place, a mysterious, invisible presence begins to harass him. She gets pregnant from her lover and the day she has an abortion, the entity does not allow her to leave the house. The emergence of a portal that takes him to another reality forces him to make a decision to prevent something terrible from happening.

Governing alexis morante – 113 minutes (2022)

Distribution: Salva Reina, María León, Pedro Casablanc and Rubén Fulgencio

Set in Andalusia in 1985, a story for the whole family with music by Enrique Bunbury. Óliver, a boy with a big imagination, moves with his family from Madrid to Algeciras when Halley is about to cross the Comet. With the help of his grandfather, Oliver seeks the solution to his problems in the stars and the famous comet.

Governing pau calpe – 83 minutes (2022)

Distribution: Roger Casamajor, Pep Cruz, Anna Torguet and Eduard Muntada.

Producer Pau Calpe makes his directorial debut in this feature film that tells the story of a father and son in the context of rural social issues. Joan, a grumpy villager tired of being robbed at her farmhouse, decides to take a night tour of the villagers who guard the land. The neighbors on patrol are not happy that Joan is accompanying them, but when they see that her son Pep, returning from town, will accompany her, they agree. During the tour, Joan and Pep encounter a thief.

Governing José Luis Estan – 75 minutes (2021)

Distribution: Miguel Angel Cigar, Allende Garcia, Pablo Tercero and Mar Balaguer

Rodrigo Sorogoyen’s production company, Caballo Films, sponsors José Luis Estañ’s feature film debut. When young hero Darío Manzano learns that his colleagues are deceiving the drug lords they work for, he triggers a series of fateful situations that will force him and his family to fight against time for their survival. Estañ portrays the most popular and vulnerable environments in the drug trade in a lively film full of suspense from the first minute to the last minute.

Governing Nando Knight – 88 minutes (2022)

Distribution: Anna Marín, Anna Capacés, Frank Capdet and Alba Rubí

Nando Caballero is directing a Catalan LGTBI drama in an independent production. Jana is a photographer who decided to leave her job and city after the tragic death of her husband. Before he leaves, he must prepare a final report, where he will meet two painters, Arlet and Estel, who have plunged their lives into a fate far different from what they had imagined.

Governing Raul Cerezo and Fernando Gonzalez Gomez – 89 minutes (2021)

Distribution: Ramiro Blas and Paula Gallego

a horror comedy with elements of road movies Cañí is in Spain. Four different characters travel in a shared van on a Spanish detour. Suddenly, an Asian tourist walking in the dark falls in their path and is crushed. When they get into the car to take him to the nearest hospital, they realize that he is acting strangely. From that moment on, the residents of the van realize that it’s time to save themselves or die.

Governing Ruben Sainz – 76 minutes (2022)

Distribution: Diego Álvarez, Dorleta Urretabizkaia, Aram Rockenbach and Mario Souza

Peio lives in Brazil, hiding from everything that torments him. The unexpected appearance of her unfamiliar teenage son makes her rethink her own life. It is quite difficult for someone who does not know and does not want to be a father.

Governing Frank Torres – 110 minutes (2022)

Distribution: Aitana Sánchez-Gijón, Cumelén Sanz, Álex Pastrana and Pedro Casablanc

Aitana Sánchez-Gijón and Cumelén Sanz star in this movie income psychological with Fran Torres’ debut in the feature film. Sofia, an ambitious young woman working for a multinational fashion company, gets pregnant without planning. With no family in Spain and doubts about the future of her motherhood, Sofía seems destined to return to her country and leave a promising professional career. However, his boss makes him a strange offer: to adopt his son and in return so that he can continue his promotion within the company. Sofia accepts the offer, not knowing that everything is not as she was told.

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