Andy Cartagena’s triumphant afternoon

The rejones celebration, which opened the San Juan fair in 2022, started a little warmer than usual. As seen in the bullfights last Friday, the idea of ​​putting burgundy colored skirts in front of the second volley came to mind. Ad It would be wise to correct it, and it’s good that these skirts were revealed just yesterday, so that they don’t obscure the view of viewers entering the area in question. In addition, we must be very bad in terms of patriotism if it is necessary to display the flag, as can be seen these days, which are adorned with reddish-brown fabrics and adorned with reddish-brown fabrics, which are not disturbing but satisfying. To dispel questionable aesthetic taste, two representations of the Holy Face image appeared, both at the buffets and in front of the Presidency. Someone must have taken very seriously that you have to be together in the bulls. good good…

Start on the shoulders of Hermoso de Menzoda and Andy Cartagena in the first bullfight of the fair. | MATHIAS SEGARRA

Coming to meet the fans of his country this year, which commemorates the 25th anniversary of alternative horse riding, he opened the fair with such innovations in the staging of this magnificent arena, with the performance of rejoneador Andy Cartagena. The two ears the first gave him were too generous, for there were mistranslations and not much passion. He finished off Fermín Bohórquez’s horned nobleman with an accurate rejonazo. He finished fourth on Sparrow with an effective spear. Cartago, a beauty with a mother-of-pearl mount and a wind-blown mane, showed it off in three delicate banderillas and hardened it with two flippers. He finished third place in good tone with Cupid, always wearing the ins and outs, very reaching the line. He nailed a good two-handed couple with the tip removed on the second try at Jinocente. He finished Picasso with a very effective back blow. Two ears with tail request. In comparison, before the first one, it was seen how exaggerated the prize was. He was accompanied by Bohórquez’s foreman on the triumphant return of the Ring.

Hermoso de Mendoza cut off both ears of the sixth bull. | MATHIAS SEGARRA

Before her first Lea Vicens she walked in more pain than victory. Even so, it would have been worth the hair if it didn’t end with a puncture, half back blow, and three essences. She greeted with a round of applause. Fifth, a good collaborator met him on Guitar with two strokes. Some bad passes with Diluvio and first, then two good passes before over-adjusting. In Aladín, the misfits are back, and with Jazmín, he nailed the two shorter ones. To deepen it, he took a cucumber, which he inappropriately assumed. Absolute baldness. Ear.

Guillermo Hermoso de Mendoza’s first fight didn’t have much history either. Finished with a hole, a rejonazo and two scalps. Silence. With Martincho, he took the sixth with a single spear. In Illusion he nailed the banderillas with a bit of dissonance and also a certain elegance. Some bankruptcies have come a long way. Two ragged roses foreshadowed a two-handed pair and an opposing and effective death rejonazo, which led to the overkill double trophy award.

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