Gauguin Solntsev said that he was offered to replace Tsiskaridze in the program “Tonight”.

Showman Gauguin Solntsev said that he received a call from Channel One and was offered to audition for the host of the program Tonight with his ex-wife Ekaterina Tereshkovich. He talked about it in an interview with PROZVEZD.

“Yesterday they called and invited me to a casting. They want to replace Tsiskaridze from the new TV season – September. I was offered to try together with Tereshkovich, ”Solntsev said.

The showman turned down the offer, stating that he would “not run a show with a grandmother.” The ex-wife of Solntsev Tereshkovich is 31 years older than him.

“If people like Tereshkovich are leaders, then what good can be seen on TV? Katya’s eyes show that she does not even have a single crease on her head. Moreover, she looks like a victim of anorexia – skin and bones. <...> I can take the tests without him, but with him – never! Solntsev summed it up by stating that the producers promised to consider his offer and call back.

Formerly Gauguin Solntsev declarationHe said he would not interrupt his vacation in Sochi to visit his mother, who had lost his leg.

Source: Gazeta


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