Rejones opens the best fair of recent years

this rejones celebration this afternoon will open one of the most complete Bonfire expos in memory. To begin with, the celebration of Benidorm Andy Cartagena’s 25-year alternative opens with the always intriguing feeling this celebration has. Ever since that morning in Nimes, the young gentleman, in everyone’s memory the memory of his uncle Ginés, had a very steady career filled with success that allowed him to establish his own style and to put his stamp on the formidable rejoneador ranking. And at a time when few riders like the Domecq brothers, Pablo Hermoso de Mendoza or Diego Ventura succeeded among others. He has also been a prophet many times in his country and Alicante has seen him succeed many afternoons., for example with special memories behind Pericalvo. In his long career, there were setbacks such as a knee injury that put his career continuity at risk, as well as victories beyond Spanish territory, such as his successful campaigns in France, Portugal or Mexico.

Rejones opens the best fair of recent years

Accompanying him this afternoon in the battle of Fermín Bohórquez’s iron bulls is Lea Vicens, an already well-known French Amazon. Extreme success in the Plaza de España arena, but this confirms its presence on San Isidro’s recently completed loop with its shoulders in Las Ventas. It was precisely that afternoon that he accompanied him on the shoulders of Guillermo Hermoso de Mendoza, who bit the spurs in his short career, the same year that he opened the Puerta del Príncipe in Seville.

The fire cycle will continue 21 and 22 afternoons With the presence of a hopeful future in two hands-on lessons free to the public. On the 20th, the bulls from Aida Jovani are Cid de María (Guadalajara Bullfighting School), Daniel Encinas (Alicante), Roberto Martín (Zaragoza), Alejandro Troya (Alicante), Joaquín García (Alicante) and Javier Cuartero (Alicante) will fight for you. , while the 21st animals from El Parralejo will jump for Ángel Delgado (Úbeda), Nek Romero (Valencia), Angelín (Alicante), Javier Poley (Huesca), Kevin Alcolado (Alicante) and Miguel Losana (Toledo).

The next day, before the great barrage of luxury bullfights, the always interesting bulls of Fuente Ymbro, who have won big victories in this arena, will be fought by a shortlist combining the innovation of Ginés Marín, who has already opened twice. Despite his youth, big-door Madrid is at the foot of Miguel Ángel Perera and Antonio Ferrera, trio with numerous bullfighters from Extremadura. Perera tries to stay on the front lines Senior Ferrera is in a standings that has dominated some seasons of the past decade as he tries to bolster his success in the same arena as last year.


Morante de la Puebla and Manzanares star in three days of greatest interest. On the 23rd, it will be the turn of the man from Alicante, with the spectacle of the full fight of David Fandila El Fandi, who has always been very popular with the public, and the roundness of Roca Rey, the penultimate great revolutionary of the matador ranks. . With their recent victories at Manzanares, Granada and Nimes, their pulse seems to have lost a bit lately, although the people of Alicante know they can always expect the best. And they will see it twice, for the saint’s day will alternate with two Sevillians: Pablo Aguado and Alicante, who came to shock the fans with their pulse and paused the bullfight, and Morante de la Puebla, who bet big on the bullfight. two appearances, because he will add one of the 24 the next afternoon. Morante is fully mature without shying away from commitments and combining all the bullfights in his martial and artistic concept.

On the 25th, they will complete the list Alexander TalavantAfter a three-year hiatus, Tomas Rufo returns to the ring, ready to show that he still has a lot to say in his personal interpretation of bullfighting, and the brand new Tomás Rufo with weapons of courage and quality, an eight-month alternative, stepping into many places, including Sevilla and Madrid, in just ten days. He opened the big doors of what you threw. He is the last great clown of Cúchares art, and his presence in such a finished poster says a lot about the specific gravity of this exposition. The herds to be dealt with these three afternoons will be Victoriano del Río, Álvaro Núñez and Juan Pedro Domecq, respectively.

And the fair will close the bullfight with horses, the iron of Zacarías Moreno, this celebration will return to the posters a few years later. Terna has a very Alicante accent, because Borja Ximelis studied at the school in the Levantine capital and fought already in 2018. Santiago Esplá needs no introduction with such a surname, and its first paseo in Alicante evokes the illusion of all its compatriots. Borja Escudero, also a bullfighter, will make his castoreño debut in front of the same fans who enjoyed the elegant style of his father, Ramón. The future of Alicante bullfighting is this time at the Hogueras fair.

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