Pierre Narcisse’s widow announced when she will get married 13:08

The widow of singer Pierre Narcisse Valeria Kalacheva said in an interview with the publication: “StarHit”He plans to get married on May 31, 2024.

Kalacheva announced that she would celebrate the event on the birthday of her friend, musician Vladimir Kuzmin. The artist will also participate in the celebration and sing for the newlyweds. Widow Narcissa wants to celebrate her wedding on the Spanish coast or in Sochi.

“It will be an amazing ceremony, I will have the biggest white dress in the world, why not?! Let everyone rejoice, because my example will give many people hope for the best. Everyone will have time to brag. Let us all learn to rejoice,” said the singer’s widow.

Kalacheva on December 8 married for the composer Evgeny Shakhrai, who was 23 years older than the woman.

Valeria Kalacheva and Pierre Narcisse met in 2004 and got married in 2009. A year before the wedding, their daughter Caroline-Christel was born. In 2017, Valeria appeared on television and accused Pierre Narcisse of domestic violence and infidelity. She filed for divorce from the artist. However, despite past conflicts, they managed to maintain friendly relations for the sake of their daughter.

Previously Rasputina’s common-law husband responded to rumors about a wedding with the singer.

Source: Gazeta


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