The State Duma commented on the recognition of LGBT as an extremist organization 18:07

The State Duma Committee on Culture commented on the recognition of LGBT as an extremist organization. First Deputy Chairman of the Committee, Acting Alexander Sholokhov nail “Rise” edition.

“A certain organization has been banned, but what does this have to do with art? How does a specific organization’s ban apply to speech? “The LGBT abbreviation is not prohibited,” he said.

Sholokhov believes that assumptions that “everything and everything” will be banned suddenly become an exaggeration.

“Believe me, the Supreme Court is a body that is very careful about its words. Therefore, if it had been said that this was somehow related to cultural and artistic works in general, it would have been stated,” he is sure.

November 30 Supreme Court of Russia accepted banned the activities of the extremist “International LGBT Movement” in the country. The case was heard behind closed doors: only representatives of the Ministry of Justice were present in the courtroom, and journalists were allowed to listen to the announced verdict. The Kremlin refused to comment on the process and said it was not following it.

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Source: Gazeta


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