Lada Dance says the extent of Russophobia in the West is exaggerated 15:23

In a conversation with Lada Dance, the singer said: aif.ruThat the scale of Russophobia in the West has been greatly exaggerated.

Dance admitted that although he had traveled abroad and developed business there, he had never personally encountered this incident. The artist recalled how he was persuaded not to do commercial work in the Baltic countries because of the “Russophile mass”. However, in reality, the star did not notice anything like this.

“On the contrary, I saw good will. People often came up to me on the street and said nice things to me. And not just Russians,” the singer shared.

Dance said his business is related to real estate. The artist bought a house, put it in order, and then resold it. The artist left this job after cheating on his business partners. According to the singer, he was “abandoned” by his family, who had his own lawyer and vice president.

“It turns out I paid for something unknown. I lost everything. I came to the conclusion that it is better to invest in my own country. “I recently bought a plot of land in Sochi that I have been looking for for a year,” said the artist.

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Source: Gazeta


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