Actor Ulyanov recalled his injury on the set of “Sklifosovsky” 14:39

Actor Dmitry Ulyanov admitted in an interview with TV presenter Boris Korchevnikov that he suffered a broken nose on the set of the 11th season of the TV series “Sklifosovsky”.

Ulyanov admitted that he hoped that there would be no injuries on the project, as he played the role of an intelligent doctor. That’s why the fracture came as a surprise to him. According to the artist, he not only injured his nose, but also accidentally broke his finger during the fall.

“The most disturbing thing was when they broke my nose on camera! I played with this guy: They filmed him up close, he wasn’t supposed to touch me at all. So I stood backstage and played along with him and he absolutely hit me on the nose,” said the artist.

Ulyanov admitted that he was very worried about his condition at that moment, since he was participating in three projects at the same time. He remembered how the film crew waited for two hours for the ambulance that never arrived. According to the star, any artist will understand it, as appearance is part of the profession.

Ulyanov played vascular surgeon Andrei Voloshin in the project. The series “Sklifosovsky” talks about the life and work of hospital employees.

Previously It was reported that Mikhail Boyarsky could be discharged from the hospital on December 1.

Source: Gazeta


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