Stas Mikhailov told how he lost 15 kilos 09:40

Singer Stas Mikhailov admitted that he always had to watch his weight. The artist stated this in the program “You won’t believe it!” on NTV.

“I’ve been fighting all my life [с лишним весом], from my youth. Tennis, basketball, etc. since sixth grade. playing. I’ve been doing things my whole life because I understand if I stop doing it… And now I run every day. “Sports are mandatory,” said the artist.

Journalists noted that Mikhailov has changed a lot lately. Later, the artist admitted that he lost 15 kilos. He did this with the help of intermittent fasting, but, according to the singer himself, this is not suitable for everyone.

“If I sit down to eat, I eat everything. You should be happy at the table. “Whether something is harmful or harmless, what can we say about it if we have already sat down and talked about it?” – added Mikhailov.

The singer emphasized that he completely gave up alcohol, sweets and starchy foods, noting that he could afford to eat chocolate candy in the morning. Mikhailov advised those who plan to stop eating certain foods not to replace them with other things.

“You don’t need to reassure yourself. Remove it completely,” he concluded.

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Source: Gazeta


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