Doctors explained how to recover quickly after drinking alcohol 09:33

British consultant doctor Hussain Ahmad and nutritionist Clifford Stephan said Daily Mail says it’s better to avoid coffee and painkillers if you’re hungover. Drink water with lemon and sea salt instead.

Dr. from the British clinic Click2Pharmacy. Hussein Ahmad said it takes two to three hours for the body to process one alcoholic drink. Larger amounts will require more time investment. This means that the effects of heavy alcohol poisoning will last for about two days. It takes approximately 12 hours for ethyl alcohol to be removed from the bloodstream, and the remaining time is for recovery. The doctor noted that drinking alcohol with food reduces the intensity of intoxication, but does not reduce the risk of post-intoxication states.

To quickly get rid of a hangover, nutritionist Clifford Stefan does not recommend taking painkillers. He explained that taking such medications puts additional stress on the liver, which was previously “working through wear and tear” to break down ethyl alcohol. You shouldn’t drink coffee either. This drink can irritate the stomach lining and worsen dehydration caused by alcohol. It is better to drink water containing lemon juice and sea salt instead. This helps replenish electrolytes – special minerals that create negative and positive ions in the body and regulate water-salt balance.

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Source: Gazeta


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